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Yaki Onigiri

Cultivator Kitchen
Japanese grilled rice balls


  • 1 cup sushi rice, dry
  • water to cook the rice
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • coconut aminos, soy sauce or tamari for coating


  • Wash and rinse your sushi rice. Then cook using your preferred method, I use a rice cooker.
  • Once your rice has cooled slightly, add the sea salt and gently mix, fluffing your rice.
  • Add your rice to an onigiri press or form into triangles by hand. This will yield 8 rice balls.
  • Heat a non-stick pan to medium high heat and place your onigiri. After 2 minutes sprinkle a little bit of coconut aminos then flip, so the sauce side is on the pan. Let cook 1-2 minutes. Repeat until each side has been seasoned at least twice and are golden.
  • Take off the heat and serve with pickles and miso soup or salad. Enjoy!